Highlights from Google’s AI event

At left, Andy Zeng of Google Research showed how a robot could be taught to understand terms like “Willy Wonka” as a metaphor for chocolate. Right, Daniel Tse of Google Research shows off the AI-driven maternal sonography system he’s developing. Photos: Jennifer A. Kingson

“Unleash all this creativity”: Google AI’s breathtaking potential”, Jennifer A. Kingson, November 3, 2022, AXIOS

Google hosted an AI event in New York City on November 2nd, revealing its self-coding robots and a catalog of AI software tools that can track wildfires, predict the next flood, monitor maternal and fetus health, prevent blindness, and speak 1000 languages. Ethical issues remain, and Google insists that, in its work, it has not lost sight of ethics. “Because [AI] has such a broad impact on people,” said Marian Croak, head of Google Research’s center of expertise on responsible AI, “the risk involved can also be very huge. And if we don’t get that right … it can be very destructive.”