AI Beyond STEM: digital skills to unleash the power of data science and AI for all

June 6 2023, 1:00 PM ET - 2:00 PM ET

Are you curious about the digital skills required to unlock the potential of data science and artificial intelligence in non-science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields? Join us for “AI Beyond STEM: digital skills to unleash the power of data science and AI for all” hosted by The Alan Turing Institute.

This online-only panel event will bring together experts from diverse backgrounds, including digital humanities, linguistics, zoology, and more, to discuss the digital skills that are essential for future success in their fields. We will explore the specific challenges and opportunities of applying these technologies in non-STEM fields and gather ideas for next steps in developing the necessary skills and knowledge. Then it is over to you, the audience, to pose questions of the panel and share your experiences.

Whether you are a researcher, a student, or simply someone interested in the intersection of technology and non-STEM fields, this event is for you. Join us to share your ideas, learn from our panelists, and be part of a community that is driving skills innovation and transformation. Together, let’s explore the digital skills that are shaping the future of data science and AI in non-STEM fields.

A panel discussion with:
David Beavan, Lead Research Software Engineer, The Alan Turing Institute
Kaspar Beelen, Technical Lead, Digital Humanities, School of Advanced Studies
Nicole Coleman, Digital Research Architect, Stanford University
Mathilde Daussy-Renaudin, Ph.D. Candidate, UCL/Oxford University
Lydia France, Research Data Scientist, The Alan Turing Institute
Katie Ireland, DigiLab, University of Georgia (UGA)
And other special guests…

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