Bolstering AI with Computational Ability & Curated Data

Academic Technology Services & AILA welcome, Andy Dorsett, a representative from Wolfram Research. He will discuss an innovative new plugin for ChatGPT, Mathematica’s built-in machine learning, and its connections with other AI systems.

Wednesday 9/20 @ 4p; Paino Lecture Hall, Beneski 107


Some insight into Wolfram|Alpha’s strategy! Read more about it in the links below:

Wolfram Alpha’s more holistic approach to creating AI is really interesting! Wolfram’s use of language and trying to mimic thought also seems really promising despite it’s slightly more convoluted UX/UI.

Yeah the UI is very in line with the other Wolfram Alpha functions, but it isn’t quite as clean as ChatGPT.

@abao26 @ghenry26 What can a better UI bring? Do you think that is necessary for a maximally useful tool?

Wolfram’s insights on the potential synergy between ChatGPT and Wolfram|Alpha are eye-opening. The idea of combining human-like text generation with structured computation from Wolfram|Alpha is promising. It could revolutionize how AI assists us in tasks requiring both creativity and precision.

I think the biggest benefit of a cleaner UI is ease of use. There is no point creating a great tool if people don’t want to use it based on how it looks (this is especially true for the general consumer, who ChatGPT is targeting) or wastes an unnecessarily amount of time figuring out how it works.

I agree with you Ryan! A tool like WolframAlpha is extremely useful, but people won’t utilize it unless it’s marketed well and easy to use. ChatGPT on the other hand is talked about all over different platforms even though it may not be the most accurate.