AI Reveals the Most Human Parts of Writing (W I R E D, Dec 2, 2022)

In this WIRED article, poet, essayist, and AI researcher Dr. Katy Ilonka Gero explores the pros and cons of involving an AI system in the writing process.

Dr. Gero has spent the last five years working with AI-generated text systems and interviewing writers on how they do—or do not—want to incorporate these systems into their practice. She divides writing into three overlapping processes, not stages: planning, drafting and revising. In what part of writing is AI most helpful to the human author?, she asks. And when is it most detrimental?

Dr. Gero explores these questions, highlighting how some authors use computer-generated text to break the writer’s block. Other writers consider AI a source of inspiration for what to—or not—do or as a low bar to surpass. And even if writers use AI, they always "… want to protect their authenticity and intention. Once the AI system crosses a writer’s purpose, the writer gets spooked. They ask themselves, "If I have an idea for a novel, but the computer writes most of it, is it still my story?

Dr. Gero is a recent Ph.D. graduate from Columbia University in Computer Science. Check out her website for cool poems, essays, and research.

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