Are Threat Actors Using ChatGPT to Hack Your Network?

“ChatGPT is a new, effective tool in an attacker’s toolset. It’s not just that the technology decreases a threat actor’s required skills. The way the technology itself works contributes to its ability for malicious activities. The ability to automate at least some of the code writing means threat actors can launch more attacks and do so faster.”

ChatGPT has been an alternative option for faster, more efficient articles, from automating the process of creating summaries to writing articles. However, this process of automation can also be a double-edged sword. New methods and implementations of code for cyber hacking and phishing are currently being developed through the use of ChatGPT. Despite systems of regulation in place within prompts that can be given to ChatGPT, the automation of code can be used to further threaten the security of users worldwide.

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