OpenAI’s ChatGPT shows why implementation is key with generative AI. (TechCrunch, Dec 2, 2022)

Image Credits: Carol Yepes/Getty Images

Summary: OpenAI continues to impress. After the enthusiastic reception of DALL-E and DALL-E 2, the company recently launched ChatGPT, an implementation of their new GPT 3.5 natural language generation technology with an improved core inference technology. ChatGPT is now capable of more than finishing a mediocre essay; it can be your search engine, hold long conversations, and recognize its mistakes from an earlier part of your discussion. “[It is as] if you were slacking with a colleague or interacting with a customer support agent on a website,” says Darrell Etherington, managing editor at TechCrunch. Researchers have raised concerns about the AI’s safety and content filters; some people have shared tweets and screenshots claiming to have used the AI to generate instructions on making Molotov cocktails or other explosives. Like DALL-E, ChatGPT has also taken the internet by storm. It seems like OpenAI has understood how to package its generative AI technology for users and make waves with its launches.