Music-Generated AI? How The Legal System Is Implicated | The New York Times (4/19/23)

“Courts and lawmakers are only beginning to sort out questions of ownership when it comes to A.I., and copyrights in music can be complicated as it is. For now, protected intellectual property can only be created by humans, but what about when musicians collaborate with the machines?”

Image Credit: Adam Riding for The New York Times

The release of “Heart on My Sleeve,” a song that uses generative artificial intelligence technology to mimic the voices of popular artists like Drake and The Weeknd, has raised concerns about the impact of AI on the music industry. Although some see it as a harmless novelty, others worry that AI-generated music could dilute copyrighted material and displace working musicians, with the possibility of pocketing or replacing superstars in the future. As generative AI technology continues to improve, experts predict that it could reshape creative industries at all levels, requiring fans, artists, and governing systems to adjust to new norms.

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