AI has the potential to cure World Hunger

Title: World Hunger and Disaster Relief Are the Next Targets for Artificial Intelligence (Now News Website, updated in August 2022)

Summary: In a paper from California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the author laments the loss of connection between machine learning and solving real-world problems. Given the potential of AI and ML to change how we do things, can we leverage this indispensable tool to solve global issues? As it happens, AI and ML can be extensively used to solve world hunger and poverty in ways that are surprisingly simple but increasingly necessary. To solve issues on such a wide scale, we need a lot of data, and even more importantly, we need extensive and useful analysis of the data. AI and ML tools, with their capacity to pre-process and interpret exactly such HUGE datasets, can effectively be used to make important conclusions about how to go about solving world hunger and poverty. Another important application of AI in such global issues is using Computer Vision (a subfield of AI and ML) to analyze satellite images of impoverished regions. The authors go more into depth about the aforementioned points in the article.

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