Google releases Bard, its competitor to create A.I. chatbots | The New York Times (3/21/23)

“But on Tuesday, Google tentatively stepped off the sidelines as it released a chatbot called Bard. The new A.I. chatbot will be available to a limited number of users in the United States and Britain and will accommodate additional users, countries and languages over time, Google executives said in an interview.”

Image Credit: John Taggart

Google has launched an AI chatbot called Bard in the US and UK, offering answers in full sentences. The technology is seen as a challenge to chatbots developed by OpenAI and Microsoft, and a way for Google to safeguard its search engine business against the new technology. Industry insiders have questioned how quickly Google can develop new AI products given the pace of releases from its rivals. Bard has been developed since 2015 and was first used as a creative tool to draft emails and poems. However, Bard still sometimes provides inaccurate information, restricting it from being completely successful.

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