How GPT-4 has improved (but is still flawed) | The New York Times (3/14/23)

“A new version of the technology that powers an A.I. chatbot that captivated the tech industry four months ago has improved on its predecessor.”

Image Credit: Chat GPT-4

Still considering if GPT-4 will take over our jobs? Here are some improvements that the newest version of GPT has implemented:

  1. It is more precise and can describe things in less words
  2. It can answer questions with more accuracy
  3. It can describe images
  4. It can incorporate life-experiences into responses
  5. It can replace editors
  6. It has a sense of humor (kind of?)—dad jokes
  7. It can take standardized exams

However, GPT-4 is still not great at discussing the future. And it is still making up details for facts that it still isn’t sure of. Despite its improvements, there are still very big flaws that GPT-4 still must deal with.