Would you want ChatGPT as your Fantasy Football expert? | The Athletic (3/9/23)

In summary? No.

“Even operating without 2022 knowledge, it showed a lack of understanding when confronted with simple fantasy terms, like “sleeper” — anointing Bobby Witt, Jr. and Wander Franco two of its favorites (even in 2022 drafts, they were past the sleeper tag). It isn’t the lack of data, in other words; it is the rambling, covering, back-tracking, faux-strategy tips and general blahness of the writing.”

Image Credit: The Athletic

In this article, Di Fino recounts a fun experiment he tries: what if he hired ChatGPT as his personal Fantasy Football expert? The result? No.

Besides the very obvious issue that ChatGPT does not have updated data past 2021 (most of their choices have either been traded to other teams or have performed differently in 2022), their lack of specificity and “fun” in their answers lack the spirit and energy that most modern-day sports writers have. Here, Di Fino emphasizes not just the need for factually correct details, but the desire for sports writers to write with a strong preference and strategic answers that rely on more than the base information that ChatGPT provides—the ability to make conclusions for oneself. Certainly, this proves the current lack of voice and job market success for ChatGPT in Fantasy Football.

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